About Us

Michael and Taylor work together to create Stoked Goat, an unfolding adventure that exhibits Michael’s passion for photography conveyed and detailed through Taylor’s writing. As spouses, climbing partners, and primary subjects for their respective art forms, they continue to grow together through their travels and adventures, seeking out new experiences in this beautiful natural world of ours.

Stoked Goat has an active Facebook page (Stoked Goat Photo) with new photographs posted regularly. If you have any questions about Stoked Goat, including technical photography questions, purchase/licensing information, or assignment questions, please contact us HERE.


Michael Kittell, Photographer

Raised on the Oregon Coast, Michael developed a passion of the natural world at a young age while exploring the wild forests, rugged mountains, and rocky deserts of the Pacific Northwest. For Michael, photography was a natural outgrowth of this passion. He picked up a camera around age 10, started chasing photographs in his early teens, and now continues to hone his technique and pursue those ephemeral moments that are the hallmark of his photography.

Michael is a practicing attorney, but also lives and breathes alpine climbing and photography. He has climbed and photographed all over the North America, Latin America, and Asia.


Taylor Kittell, Writer

Taylor was born and raised in California before moving to the Pacific Northwest, where she felt immediately at home. An avid reader from a young age, Taylor majored in Religious Studies at Pomona College in Claremont, California, before getting her law degree at Lewis and Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon. Taylor began writing stories of her travels and adventures as a creative escape from academia and continues to seek solace with pen and paper in hand.